Project Overview

Indianapolis Airport Engineering

INDIANAPOLIS, IN-This project consisted of the reconstruction of a portion of the West Perimeter Road (WPR) to provide a grade separation with the new Entry/Exit Road. The design of the associated overpass bridge structure was by others, in coordination with this project.

Project Details

The typical section for the WPR consisted of 2-12 ft lanes (one in each direction) separated by a 16 ft flush median, 8 ft paved outside shoulders, 6:1 side slopes to the clear zone and 3:1 side slopes beyond the clear zone.

The project also included s-lines consisting of the Bridgeport Road Connector, South Midfield Services Drive Connector, North Access Road, South Access Road and North Services Road.

Center Creek was relocated as a part of this project. The relocated creek is routed along the north side of the South Midfield Service Drive, crossed under the West Perimeter Road through a 10x4 ft Precast Box Culvert and runs along the west side of the West Perimeter Road to a culvert under the Entry/Exit Road.

Roadway Drainage

All roadway drainage for this project was conveyed by open ditches.


Indianapolis Airport


Client: New Indianapolis Airport

In-House Services Included

  • Transportation
  • Construction Observation