384 parcels with 300 Relocations  |  18 months, 6 months ahead of schedule

BLN is providing real estate and demolition services in compliance with the Uniform Act for the Double Track NWI and West Lake Corridor passenger rail projects. The Double Track NWI project will expand a 26.6-mile stretch of the existing South Shore Line (SSL) from a single track to a double track. The West Lake Corridor project is an approximate 8-mile southern extension of the existing SSL. Both projects include constructing all rail, signal, power, platform, and other associated infrastructure improvements throughout the project corridor.


  • Program Management
  • Valuation
  • Acquisition
  • Relocation
  • Environmental Investigation
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Hazardous Materials Survey
  • Demolition Design
  • Property Management

Location:  Northwest Indiana

Client:  Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICTD)


  • Acquisition
  • Demolition