385 parcels with 400 relocations  |  18 months, 6 months ahead of schedule

BLN completed turnkey real estate and demolition program management services in compliance with the Uniform Act on this 1,200-parcel project for a new international trade crossing. The Gordie Howe Bridge project is one of the most complex and high-profile land acquisition and relocation projects in the United States due to the size and nature of the acquisitions. BLN’s innovative and thoughtful approach to this project facilitated merging acquisition and demolition activities, streamlining, and expediting related tasks. As a result, acquisitions were completed ahead of schedule, and demolition schedules were compressed by more than 50 percent, resulting in significant budget reductions. BLN was able to modify the demolition business process to compress the time from possession to demolition from 150 days to an average of 27 days.


  • Program Management, Documentation & Coordination
  • Appraisal & Review Appraisal
  • Acquisition
  • Relocation & Reimbursement Claims Processing
  • Title Research
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Administrative Settlements
  • Demolition Program Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Property Management
  • Demolition Phase Oversight
  • Environmental Investigation/Remediation
  • Site Clearance Services

The American Council of Engineering Companies recognized BLN’s work on this project with a Michigan Engineering Honorable Conceptor Award and a National Recognition Award.

Location:  Detroit, Michigan

Client:  Michigan Department of Transportation


  • Right-of-way
  • Construction Services
    • Demolition