600 parcels with 50 Relocations  |  Ongoing; currently on schedule

BLN is serving as the Acquisition and Demolition Owner’s Representative Consultant in compliance with the Uniform Act for the Modernization Project, including seven miles of urban freeway reconstruction and widening, replacement of 67 bridges, and reconstruction of two major freeway interchanges at I-75 and M-10. BLN is providing turn-key real estate services for property acquisition, demolition program development and management, and various property management services.

The project included:

  • Program Management, Documentation & Coordination
  • Appraisal & Review Appraisal
  • Acquisition
  • Relocation & Reimbursement Claims Processing
  • Title Research
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Administrative Settlements
  • Demolition Program Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Property Management
  • Demolition Phase Oversight

Location:  Detroit, Michigan

Client:  Michigan Department of Transportation


  • Acquisition
  • Demolition Coordination
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