BLN provided a wide range of engineering services on multiple projects for Gibson County on behalf of Toyota Manufacturing of Indiana (TMMI) to accommodate the growth of the TMMI facility in southern Indiana. Projects included:

Lot #4 Roadway & Signal Design

BLN provided traffic counts, traffic modeling, and roadway and signal design services to improve traffic flow, parking lots, and perimeter roadway for Lot #4 and County Road 100 East, east of the TMMI plant. The project involves three new signalized intersections, existing site roadway realignment, and two new access roads for parking lot expansion. BLN analyzed the expected site traffic using Toyota shift change information and worked with Toyota staff to design an access road layout to reduce congestion in and around the facility. Traffic signal design includes battery backup systems, cellular modems for remote access to the cabinets, and the use of wireless vehicle detection.


Added Travel Lanes, Parking Lot Expansion & New Traffic Signals

BLN prepared a fast-track design involving added travel lanes, traffic signal modernizations, and drainage improvements (primarily detention design) to perimeter roadways around the TMMI plant. Geometric and traffic pattern reconfigurations were required to improve safety and traffic flow in and out of the facility. Traffic modeling was performed to determine interconnection priorities and offsets for the traffic signal’s radio interconnection. A new traffic signal, magnetometer, and receiver detection system were installed and incorporated into the signal network. These improvements created significant efficiencies for vehicles exiting TMMI parking lots. The project also included additional left- and right-turn lanes at various intersections and drainage improvements to address the new roadway and traffic configuration. Complex maintenance of traffic planning and construction phasing was required to coordinate shift changes with the required construction improvements. The project was designed and constructed with an extremely aggressive 12-month schedule.

Signal Modernization & Intersection Widening

BLN provided detailed Synchro and SimTraffic modeling for traffic improvements, signal modernization and installation, and intersection widening for the TMMI factory complex. The project included added turn lane capacity, new traffic signals, and a system of one-way entrances and exits to ease congestion during shift changes. The signal timing was optimized to provide optimal traffic flow.

Location:  Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana

Client: Gibson County Redevelopment Commission


  • Transportation Engineering
    • Design
    • Utility Coordination
  • Survey
  • Environmental
  • Right-of-way
  • Construction Services
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