Our Water Resources Department’s focus is simple. Move water to where it should be, and make sure it is clean when it gets there.

As infrastructure expands, protecting water resources is a growing concern for environmental engineers. Starting as a branch of civil engineering, water resources has evolved into an independent, multi-faceted engineering field of its own. Today’s environmental engineers must be knowledgeable in utility financing, environmental regulations, hydrogeology, biology, chemistry, and hydraulics. Our team provides diverse experiences ranging from traditional to innovative solutions to your utility problems. Our engineers have helped clients in all aspects of collection/distribution, treatment, rehabilitation, construction, and operation of modern treatment systems required to meet today’s strict environmental standards.

We provide engineering and project management for the following sectors:

Drinking Water



Municipal Engineering

Site Design

BLN’s Water Resources team collaborates with and guides clients through their utility needs enabling their community to grow in harmony with nature. BLN has in-depth knowledge of the IDEM/EPA Safe Drinking Water Act, Wastewater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and storm water regulations. Our staff continually follows developments in the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. Our technical staff members have been involved in CSO Long Term Control Plan projects for major Indiana municipalities.

BLN has your regulatory requirements covered. In addition to a thorough understanding of storm water, drinking water, and wastewater regulations, BLN understands SRF, OCRA, Department of Natural Resources, and Rural Development funding and regulatory programs.

Our Services Include

  • Studies & Investigations

    • Wetland Delineations
    • Waters of the US Reports
    • Section 106 and 4(f)
    • Analysis, Reports, and Monitoring
    • Water and Noise Quality Assessments
    • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Funding & grant assistance
  • Public outreach & education
  • Supply & Treatment
  • Distribution, Collection & Treatment
  • Wells & Surface